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BTW, I'm currently performing acoustically throughout FLORIDA.

Glad you enjoy my songs.


Merci - Grazie - Dankeschoen - Faleminderit - Shenorhakal yem - Shukran - Dankeschön - Sayol - Eskerrik asko - Dziakuju - Dhanyabad -Blagodaria - Do jie - Toa chie - Hvala - Dekuji - Tak - Dank je - Aitah -  Tashakkur - kiitos - Gmadlob - Efharistó - Danyavad - Köszönöm - Toda Go raibh maith agat - Arigato - Go mop sum nee dah - Gratias ago - Paldies - Aciu - Nanhi - Takk - Dziekuje - Obrigado - Multumesc - Spasiba - Hvala - Gracias -  Tack - Teşekkür - Dyakuyu - Diolch - Terima kasih - Matur nuwun - Thank You

Ile-De France   “The only thing I’ll say is: I love your songs…we don’t have anything like that in France.  Kisses”

Weirsdale, FL, USA  "Got to meet a cool cat yesterday in the form of Nick Soliday. When I got to watch up close and personal to see his performance, between songs he took the time to show me what he had going on in the form of equipment and how he makes magic up there. If you see his name at your favorite establishment Nick would be more of a reason to go there.”  James C.

Nashville, TN,  USA   “Awesome”

Weirsdale, FL, USA   “Nick was so nice! Has a great voice!”  Cheryl B.

Tel Aviv, Israel   “I’m not usually into Rock, Pop & Indie music but your shit is pretty awesome :)

Los Angeles, CA, USA   “Sometimes…. LOVE IT!”

Denmark   “Hi guys. Love the new songs! 'Let Me Show You' is my fav.”

Japan  "(^^♪ To be honest, I was affected by We Can't Stop The Rain. It's really beautiful."   


UK   "my fav is comfort zone..;) ace lyrics <3"


New York, NY,  USA   “Miss going to your shows.  It’s going to be Rad when you start touring the east coast.  All of New York will have to bow down.”    


Los Angeles, CA, USA   "Snow In Africa just gave a stellar show & an unexpected acoustic final number... rocked this room like I've never seen!!!  I'm excited to watch this band blow the F¡*€ up!!!"  (House of Blues)

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico   “Hey Nick...'Sometimes' is a great tune!!"

Hollywood, CA,  USA   “oh man i’m falling into this track! love it"

Ashington, Northumberland, UK   “Your song is amazing I loved the words xx.”

Los Angeles, CA,  USA   “Diggin this shit brother!  This hook is rad!” 


Japan   "I love your music & voice, so nice!  keep it up!!"

Sao Paulo, Brazil   “MAN, your music ROCK!”

Germany   “…very nice music…see you in Germany?  When??”


Singapore   "Never heard of your name. Never heard of your sound. Never seen your face. Until about 10 mins ago, when I checked you out and it’s awesome. Cool sounds, I especially like Give Me Something To Miss. Now that’s sexy.  Lovely voice by the way… if you decide to come to singapore, I’ll be sure to check out your live music."

Denmark   “… I love this band”

Italy  “i want your song…i like so much”

Israel   “you have a great voice! Love the music! It’s like no one else. Really good!”


          Bono of U2   "I like your band name. You should climb Mt. Kilimanjaro."


Austria   “great songs!”

Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine   “I luv your songs. My favourite one is “I don’t wanna be a wannabe”


New York, USA   "i love when the light burns out!  im a dancer, so i most def will be choreographing a piece to that one of these days..."​


Florida, United States   "Just met you guys today @ sound great.  When you sounded like the band was pumpin' from a radio in high def!  I bought your CD..."

UK   “…I like your sound”

Los Angeles, CA,  USA   "Love the single!"    

Ivrea, Italy   “Wow. Beautiful song!  Loved it.  You have talent...hope to see you in concert”

Monrovia, CA,  USA  “I love it! I know the main chorus by heart”    

Los Angeles, CA,  USA   “You have a great voice”

Charleston, SC,  USA   “Watching Sometimes caused you to enter my dreams last night.”  

Stockholm, Sweden   “you sure do sound good love”

Los Angeles, CA,  USA   “The song is awesome, both the lyrics and the beat of the song are really good.”        

Alexandria, Greece   “Good job, Nick, congratulations to your team!  My father liked your song, too!  I love your hair, by the way!” 

Los Angeles, CA,  USA   “I’ve always loved your music.  Your passion and heart radiates in your voice.  Keep up the good work.”   

Njaravik, Iceland   “Hey, i just wanted to tell you to get the f*** on the list here in Iceland.. we really need your voice! Its so perfect!  Hugs!”

New York, NY, USA   "I like your band name... to me it means like rare, you know?  something amazing that rarely happens if ever...  ;)"

Los Angeles, CA,  USA   “You sound GREAT!!!  I really like this new song!”  


France   “ Congratulations! I like your song! Very Fresh! Many hugsss from France!”

North Hollywood, CA,  USA   “Woowoooo good job. Buyin the track right now”   

Los Angeles, CA,  USA   “Love the single   it’s got a heavy feel to it but also very heartfelt lyrics.”   

Huntington Beach, CA,  USA   “NicK!  :) :) :) I shared your single”   

Syracuse, New York,  USA   "Your music sounds amazing,good job! Keep it up."    

Toulouse, France   “I listened and i like ur music it's amazing :) See you  xxx”

Tennessee, USA   "man oh man your music hit me like a freight train....please continue too enthrall us!!" 

dki jakarta   “I hope you come to my country. Cheers!”


UK   “cool tunes dudio  u shud come to sunny uk   we cud do with some decent gigs”


Barcelona, Spain   “I like much the songs;)  I start to save to go to the concert in you tour :d kisses”

Milano, Italy   “hi nick.. do you come to itali? Where?? I come to you look! Kiss kiss Jadi”


Amsterdam, Netherlands   “I must say, you are quite a stunner…! ;)  Favourite song is def ‘Give me something to miss’, I’ve been listening to it a lot!!"


Thessaloniki, Greece   “hello nick you are very handsome.  I fell in love with you.  I love your face.  Kisses”

Paso Robles, CA   "Tonights band, Snow in Africa, absolutely killed it"

Los Angeles, CA   "You guys were amazing!!!!  I had so much fun."

Japan   "we can't stop the rain, I listened to it so many times til I remember the lyrics! Really great song and the vocal's voice is so dreamy. I like the story of the song ^_^ "

Los Angeles, CA,  USA   “Awesome!”

Tokyo, Japan   "You are really awesome!! I'm looking forward to see you guys on Sukkiri (Japanese TV show)           ( ^ ^ )" 


Holland, Netherlands   “I checked the video, I like it.. n I like all your songs, no bullshit! First time I checked your songs I got addicted :p even when I take a shower, I put the music up really loud so I can still hear it.. my neighbours are very happy with that *ahum*."


Los Angeles, CA, USA   "SNOW IN AFRICA's show last night still has me walking a full foot above the ground... I can't think of the last time I saw a band play a 90 minute set in the Viper Room either.

France   "Bravo Genial"   

Los Angeles, CA, USA   "Saw these guys at the House of Blues, awesome live performance & incredible music, Fuckin killed it !!!"   

Hermosa Beach, CA, USA   "best band in america"

Hermosa Beach, CA, USA   "enjoyed listening to you guys for the first time at saint rockes on saturday....loved all the positive energy/lyrics of your music!!!!" 

Hermosa Beach, CA, USA   "Great show last night! I'm glad we showed up early and were able to catch ur music, very cool. We took a picture together but it didn't come out to time we'll get a better one. Hope to c u guys in the future!" 

California, United States   "This band is amazing,  You can tell they're going to be famous... they're so amazing."  Venue Promoter

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   “Nick cute  I love ur voice *-*”

California, United States  "It's surprising how catchy the song Loyalty is..."

Waikato, New Zealand   “you're all gorgeous and your music rocks. keep doin what ya doin. you're gonna go far and then come to new zealand and play a show for me ;)  ill make sure if ya do manage to get to nz that ill have a massive party waiting for ya.  the best place in nz for bands to play is vector arena which is in auckland.  you guys totally rock. just let me know what i can do to organise things if ya do make it to nz :D”

Leeds, UK   “wow!!! well if you guys ever come t Leeds - look me up ;)”

Okinawa, Japan   “…yah you guys sound awesome!!”

Oklahoma, United States   "come back to OK soon! I need to go to a GOOD* show;)"

California, United States   "Hey Guys Great Music!!!!  I was the guy at the CA Inspection station you came through.  Is there really Snow in Africa is what I asked LoL  Glad I took the time to check you guys out, great music."

Arkansas, United States   "...passed your trailer/truck outside of Little Rock AR last week, thought i'd see what that was all about. good advertising!!!!..."

France   “Hey sweet Nick, you have a beautiful voice!!”


UK   “just checked out your music & i like what i hear, hope you make it over to UK soon!”

Kansas, United States   "Come back to kansas to see us! No need to sleep in the trailer next time, i got a place.  Mad love..."


          "Great Stuff!!!"  Mike at 98.1 FM Radio (98 ROCK), South Carolina

Thailand  “ hey nick..i just listened..and its beautiful!..thum up!  Ur really good at it! wish that u wud become a big star..”

California, United States   "i LOVEEEEE it ALL!!!"

Bergamo, Italy   “ you’re so cute “I don’t wanna be a wannabe” and “if you could explain” these are my favourite but even the others are wonderful!  A kiss for you!!”

Sydney, Australia   "i moved from germany to australia last year, and I'm sure the aussies would love Snow in Africa ;) Get your asses over here, I finally wanna see you live!"


UK   “But who needs pretty girls when you got such sexy boys  ^_^  Love the music xx”

Quebec, Canada   “ Woah…  you make good music & you’re fckn gorgeous :)”

United Kingdom   “love! Im just happy I came across your page!  Please come to the uk and im obviously one of your groupies :D that’s a given.”

California, USA   "Just wanted to let you guys know that u did amazing @ the vigilante en vogue fashion show!!! ;D  I just wished us models could have walked out to your music…  :(   Hope I can catch one of ur shows in the future…  ur songs are amazing and I <3 Nick’s voice." 

Middlesbrough, England, UK   “Y’ello there  OMG, I love your songs   O.O  Especially Let Your Voice Be Heard, that one just rowks.  I’ll be checking up on you, so write more.  Like NOW, damnit.  And you’re pretty darn cute.”

UK   “I’ll be a groupie”

Moscow, Russia   “come come to Moscow! ) you’ve got such a sweet voice ) x!”

France   “Hey!!  I just take a look of your pic, I didn’t know.. You really have to come to France, French woman will love you! give me a call first ;)”

Western Australia   “your music is amazing.”

Melbourne, Australia   “HAHA “we were like two fish in the gutter”, the BEST! Lol, yeah it’s good,…yeah it’s sounding good my friend =] hope it goes well for you on the tour!”

UK   “Your songs are dead good.”

Derby, England, UK   “loving the music”

California, United States   “…me heart snow in africa! ;)”

Russian Federation   "WHAT DO YOU WANT sexy boyss !  hugs and kisses"

Belgium   “You sound really good! Keep up the good work and you’ll make it far!”

Germany   “…I will go see you!  Yes please keep me posted about dates and such!  There is a few people that would probably be coming with me!…”


Washington, United States   “You rock and I love your music.”

France   “You have to come to France… full of hot pretty girls.”

East United Kingdom   “Wow that’s some voice u got there mate! X.”

Quebec, Canada   “ I like ur music nick. I really like if you could explain and don’t wanna be a wannabee.  Im from Quebec will u come here? In my house lol? No, in my bed!!! Is better lol”

Germany   “your musik is very good,you are sexy voice :-)”

Canvey Island, Exxex, UK   “Hey my gorgeous American friend.”

France   “I hope to see u in france as soon as possible may be to ur show!! See you soon . kiss”

Texas, United States   “WOW!!!…TALENTED! And gorgeous…

Moscow, Russia   “Oh, nice music ;) Well done)”

UK   “…cool songs by the way”

East United Kingdom   “my gosh ur pretty nick, I like the music and wll keep my eyes open for tour dates.”

California, United States   “I have to say, I’m incredibly impressed with the music…”

Germany   “like your music!!!!”

Spain   “HOLA NICK Ha and forgive me for my errors of English – rsrsrsrs Portuguese with English seems not.  Rsrsrss Beijosss I will give you all the support you want…”

Roma, Italy   “ahaha let’s say that I’ll support you & love you… if you promis to come to Rome!! =))”


UK   “Let me know when you do a gig in London.”


Hungary   “you have some great music:)! Congrat:)!"


Bulgaria   “I know you get so much messages ,comments and maybe phone calls everyday , but what I really want to say is “Thank you”.Thank you for your music,for your voice … for you as a whole.I hope life won’t change you…”

Czech Republic   “your performances must be great…

and your music’s sounds really good…I like it.. so, if you ever be in czech rep. Let me know :)”

Glasgow, UK   “Hey hey!…your music is really cool!…Peace out xxx”


California, United States   “your voice is amazing^”


Bangkok, Thailand   “I like your songs, please tell me when you will be here.”

Austria   “i would be fool not to add a great musician like u! u definitly need to come to Austria!  love”  


Canada   “my favourite song is “give me something to miss” they are all really good songs but this one is my favourite!”

Liverpool, UK   “You’re well gorgeous!  I want you.”


Moscow, Russian Federation   “…I checked out your songs and video)) I like it very much)))  Yu”


Victoria, Australia   “im going to devote some love and attention, oh, and support when you get over here, for the following reasons: your music doesn’t sound like everything else out theres thas being produced, which is always a good discovery…and…, im a sucker for a charmer, and you my friend are a charmer.”

UK   “Ur music rocks!!”


UK   “am loving the music”


Czech Republic  “are you going to visit our czech republic on your overseas tour?”


Italy   “…if you come to Italy, gimme a call.”

Turin, Italy   “nick…if you come to turin (italy)….i’ll come….and I’ll scream ROCK ON!!!!! P.s. I M SHOCKED BY YOUR EYES… glass???? eye lens??? Kisses”

California, USA   “OMG I love you… you put up When the light burns out!!!”


UK   “…good music and your very pretty so it won’t hurt hehe x”


          "WE LOVE YOU GUYS!"   The crew at K-JACK 1680 AM Radio, Arizona

Singapore   “Hey Nick, … Let me know if u ever come to my sunny island! :)


Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation   “nice work, I like it)”


Smolensk, Russian Federation   “ Hey! I liked your music! It’s very-very pretty)) if I can say so about music)) You rule!”


South Africa   “Hey nick… really love the song”I don’t wanna be a wannabe”!!! hope I can see you live one day soon…”


Italy   “hi nick!…I saw the video and I loved it! and your new songs are just great! Hope to see you in Milan *_*”


Queensland, Australia   “hey nick…….i really, really, reallyyyyyyyyy like your music it has such a great beat to it…lol and u have a fantastic voice. I hope u come and perform in my hometown…lol”

Brazil    “Hello my new favorite musician   I heard you songs and i loved :) I'm from Brazil and when you come to Brazil tell me, i would love to see your concert.”


UK   “hey, your music is great:)”


East United Kingdom   “you turn me on you turn me off….is excellent! xx”

Germany   “would be nice to see you soon in berlin”


California, United States   “your music is hella savage”​


Ontario, Canada   “ the song I like the best would have to be “If you could explain”.  Because It’s the song I can relate to the most. Not with the exact situation that’s taking place during the song. But just in general. And I love the story line to it, it’s great.”


Pennsylvania, United States   “ hey lovey nick. Your music is hot and you’re absolutely gorgeous <3 hopefully I’’ see ya sometime on the east coast ta see your studliness in person =)”


South Australia   “o… I checked out the music and sounds and I like your sound.  =] ten points mr nick soliday  loves.”


Phillipines   “I hope I could watch ur concert in person coz I know nothing is impossible right??”

Russian Federation   “:) I know them n I like them  “Where Is Youy Loyalty” <-love that one :P”


UK   “ooo how gorgeous are you… u have to promise to play in Manchester:) oh and of course my name has to be in 7 of your songs. haha x”


Texas, United States   “…you’re pretty adorable. I lovvvveee I Will Hold You Tight. :]”


New South Wales, Australia   “awwww heaps good”

South Carolina, United States   “You’re fabulous”

UK   “…just took a sneaky peek at ur profile, music sounds good and ur pics r well… very very nice! If u want company when coming to the uk let me know;) haha xx”

Roma, Italy   “WOW! You’ve got the style, you’ve got the voice and you’ve got the looks! Not to mention the talent.”

Roma, Italy   “hi nick!!!!!!!!! Your songs are very beautiful!!!!!!!!! :-) and remember…I am ROCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!! Bye……franci…!!!”

Australia   “well I definitely think if you are traveling overseas you should come to Australia and then to perth because you have lovely eyes and your music sounds awesome :) xx”

UK   “Like your pics.  You’re a little cutie! Xx”

New Jersey, United States   “hey love your music my handsome friend”


South Carolina, United States   “Wow your music is superb”

UK   “lovin the tunes!  awesome…  when u gracing us with ur presence in the UK!”


UK   “I love your lyrics… it all fits and is quite energetic too, so: wonderful!”


Illinois, United States   “yur such a cutie”

UK   “your stuff sounds damn good”


Hawaii   “you have awesome music!”


Derry, Northern Ireland, UK   “Hello my cute American friend”

Netherlands   “really like your music!!! Great!”

UK   “ur music v ace”


Australia   “i can totally hear I will hold u tight on the radio over here in aus”

Spain   “ Hey buddy!!! U gonna play in spain?”

Poland   “great music”


East United Kingdom   “I checked out your tunes and pics, your music is brilliant. It’s amazing, I recon ill be listening to it all night long, you’re well fit too ;)  your voice is pure amazing. Something about you reminds me of Robert plant and bono. Hahah, your attitude I guess is just spot on for rock n roll. Do you have an album out? I want one! :) xxxxx”

Midlands United Kingdom   “your music is really god!!! Let me know where your playing in the UK and I defiantly come and see you!!!!”


Preston, United Kingdom   “I like the music! When you tour, come to preston or Manchester! Or somewhere in the north west!”


Estonia   “keep making good music!”


Brazil   “oohhh man! I really like your songs… tour? Will you come to brazil? Xxx”

Ireland   “you deserve massive success”

Australia   “I'd say a good bit of spooning is in order” 

China   “love your songs~~awesome”

Distrito Federal, Brazil  “I love the music!  =’.’= Quel”

Thailand   “your songs are good”

Israel   “love you <3"

South Africa   “love your music”


France   “u and ur music totally rock”

Austria   “really nice voice…. and amazing eyes!!!!! Xoxo


Sweden   “hey that’s some good stuff!”


Australia   “i heart your music!”

Japan   “I can’t wait u will come Japan : )”


UK   “nice to meet you guys, where in the UK do you play?  it'd be good to parrrtty or attend a gig. like the stuff. ShellDollx x”


Austria   “I love your music!!! Your voice is amazingly fascinating!  Wow…I..m impressed… kiss”

Australia   “Fucken do it bro! get down here!  And be cute when you do.” 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   “Man your song are awesome, I’d love to see you perfeoming here in brazil or even hang out with my friends here too, it would be sooo cool!!!”


UK   “I'm absolutely LOVING your tracks!  They are all really catchy, guitar riffs are wicked.. drums are great.. the bassline is hot... vocals are lush.. I'm loviiing it all!  Ghost Town is my favourite at the moment ;)”


UK   “Got one of your songs on my profile ... been looking for some good music for a while!”

Iceland   “wish you could come to Iceland to perform… it would be amazing to see you…”

Greece   “loved your songs!!!!! so you’re gonna come to greece too?”


Netherlands   “Loving your songs!  Xxx” 



United Kindgom    “Love the tracks, really great. Xx” 

Canada   “Love the music :)” 

Australia   “A musician and a charmer! What would the world do without you!?” 

​​​ ​

Minnesota, United States   “Perfect men.  You guys make my day!” 

Ireland   “Hello there From Ireland.”


California, United States   “I need a CD to pump me up every morning!”

United Kingdom   “well hello there gorgeous boys!x “

Poland   “sooo im sending love from poland ;*” 

California, United States   “Love the new song :)” 

England, UK   “amour from london x” 

Australia   “I woke up with ghost town in my head :)”   


Ireland, UK   “ur music is impressive =)” 


France  “what is rock n'd roll without handsome guys? ^^  love your sound!  Xoxo” 


United Kingdom   “kisses from the UK!  Xxx” 


Japan   “=) =%  From Japan”


Australia   “I shall add you to my top friends =]” 


Montana, United States  “you guys are great – ‘ghost town’ is especially fantastic” 


Florida, United States   “i love you guys!!” 

Sweden   “nick! you're insanely cute :)” 


          "These guys were amazing!!!!   "Niya D -  Underground College Radio


Australia   “I CAN FEEL YOU INSIDE has got this awesome sound to it, brilliant, sends rumblings right through me... and everything else in my little dwelling...   i think i actually feel what im ment to feel from tat song which is so great, i want more, MORE!!” 

California, USA   “I like the background guys! As well as the ethnicity under every band member... real cool!”

Ireland   “your music is actually really really good.x” 


Washington, United States   “your guys music is really awesome! good luck with everything.” 


Maryland, United States   “Hurry up and play somewhere near me.:)” 


Canada   “I love your song Ghost Town!. Honestly, that song is really good. Dont quiet what your doing, because your good at it :] -- You should come to Montreal in Quebec, Canada.”


Illinois, United States   “lovee your music!” 

Manitoba, Canada   “Your songs are really awesome, I love them.” 


California, United States   “**Rawwrrrr**” 


Hawaii, United States   “WHAT THE HELL -is probably my fav.:)” 

Australia   “love the music..i wish i could see yall in australia.  thats my homeland =D” 


New Zealand   “Nice sound, you's coming to NZ?” 


Australia   “You guys are amazing ♥  Hope you can make it to the Oz soon” 


United States   “Great hearing Snow in Africa rock it on the radio today!!! You guys did an AWESOME job!” 


Bulgaria   “Looking forward to hearing the best of you guys :)  Best wishes from Bulgaria!!! :)”


Austria   “really love your music!!!” 


Sweden   “r u guys comin to Sweden at all?? Or copenhagen?”

North Carolina, United States   “I really like ‘if you could explain’ very talented boy :)”


New South Wales, Australia   “very hot sound babe – hot singer too ;)”

Texas, United States   “I really like the video.  And I like “if you could explain” best. :]]”

Midlands, United Kingdom   “I love u stuff :)”

Sweden   “…So, are u coming to Sweden on ur tour? <3”

New South Wales, Australia   “My favourite song would be Give Me Something To Miss.  Its really good :) I like it a lot.”

Waadt, Switzerland   “I love rock and I really enjoy your music, especially the video, “where is your loyalty”, I was watching it for several times and now I honestly love it.”

Bern, Switzerland   “Nick, you’re also a really good lookin’ guy.  I’m stuned. ;)”


Tokyo, Japan   “I was unable to sleep, and you music kept me company.  Your voice is quite something.  Thank you.”


Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation   “If you arrive to Saint Petersburg with your concert, I will come;)”


California, United States   “I look forward to hearing more of your music.  Your songs are so catchy.”


Budapest, Hungary   “I’ve listened to your music and I really like it! ;) your voice is really special! Kisses”


Kemerovo, Russian Federation   “Enjoed your music! Thanks! You shou come to Russia too.”


Holland, Netherlands   “Hey Nick…I listened to your tracks…and the one that I like the best was ‘I don’t wannna be a wannabe!!! Lol!!! I love the lyrics and the beat so much!!! ;)”


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada   “ur music is awesome”


Donegal, Ireland   “if your ever in derry, give me a shout an we’ll come an support ya.”


Lisboa, Portugal   “Hey sexy.  Nice music.  Shld come to Portugal ;)


Aveiro, Portugal   “Hi! Come play at Aveiro!”


Osaka, Japan   “Hey!! Your music is amazing!! Hope you can come to Osaka, Japan!! XD!!”


California, United States   “Your music sounds great and the video is awesome too!”


Ontario, Canada   “Wow, they are great.  You’re an amazing artist…amazing.”


Vancouver, Canada   “I LOVE THE MUSIC. Touring, hopefully you will come to Vancouver.”


Ontario, Canada   “Might make a girl fall in love:P”


Ontario, Canada   “I like your songs:) your voice almost sounds like Anthony from red hot chili peppers. <3”

Ontario, Canada   “you’re hot and your music is damn good! Come to my townnn and plaaay!”


Canada   “…its freaking rad! I love it! that’s totally my music! I love you guys!”

Quebec, Canada   “Your greatttt!!!”


Portugal   “I’ll tell about you and your band to my friends!  Kisses and hugs!***”

China   “I like it..nice song.^0^.  Your touring will come to china?”


Hyogo, Japan   “whatup Nick. I like ur video=) hope to see u at the concert anytime soon. Come to Japan.”

Queensland, Australia   “ur music is great loving. I wud love to see u live when r u coming to Brisbane?”


Belgium   “you have a lovely voice! Xxx”


Belgium   “yeah you got the skills…can’t deny that ;)”


Belgium   “I really like your songs :]”


Moscow, Russia   “hey! You play is great music!”

Athens, Greece   “hopefully I will see you in Athens too;)  i really loved the songs!!  keep in touch if possible! kisses” 

Thessaloniki, Greece   “you are so beautiful nick all is best..your songs your face all!!”


Florence, Italy  “I’ll come to your concert…yae yea!  Kisses from Italy”

Netherlands   “I heard your new songs and I like them.  They are really different than the others and i like to sing along everytime i hear them.. Yoy make wonderful music.  I don’t speak allot in English so I realy don’t know how to discribe it anything else than Fantastic.. It gives me a feeling like: familiar with a whole new turn, in a very good way.  I really like it!!! love, Lizzy”


Czech Republic   “your music is very good and I like to listen.”


New South Walse, Australia   “Yeah… I’ll be your groupie LOL :-)”


Adelaide, Australia   “Your music is good and you are amazingly attractive… u will be big. Come to AUS.”


Iceland   “ WHEN you come to Iceland you bet ill be right there in the front ! and I better get on your guest list for some after party.. so I can maybe get to know you a little better in person! Hugs and kisses”

Texas, United States   “well I think ur awesome and I love rock so that’s great…”


Estonia   “I will keep a close eye on your tour, maybe there will be a chance for mr to see you live…I believe that would be great.  Cannot wait for your upcoming album, which will be hopefully available also for little Estonians:)”


Klatovy, Czech Republic   “I like all your songs, mmm..but maybe ge me something to miss little more :)”


Korea   “Yeah, nice music. I expect you official activity, plus, I hope to see you in Korea, too:)”


Minnesota, United States   “Wow! Love to hear you play in MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA! I want to buy your songs…are they on itunes?  Love ya!”


Dublin, Ireland   “hey nick… you touring next year in Ireland as well???? :-) xxx”

Barcelona, Spain   “I hope the world will try well you, I like very much what you do… kisses from Barcelona…

and sorry for my English :S”

Tallinn, Estonia   “I am absolutely in love with “When the light burns out”  Thank you for your music and I hope you will never stop what you are doing, it would be a big loss.”


Birmingham, United Kingdom   “your songs are coolies xxxxxxxxxx”


Stockholm, Sweden   “hi Nick : ) I like the songs and ur pretty face.”

Gotlands, Sweden   “I liked your music.  You have a nice voice and beautiful lyrics…”

Sweden   “hello hottie!  I love your music :)”

Greece   “Nice music indeed, as for nice girls I can find you thousands here in Greece that will be willing to rock and roll with you… Keep on writing, playing and singing good music :)”


Moscow, Russian Federation   “I love your songs and I love your voice <3 you should write one song special for me.  Mm? ^^ have you ever been in Russia?”


Moscow, Russian Federation   “I dunna in what style u sing, coz urs different!!! Actually was lil bit shocked is that u singin? U sing so well, I think,,,nope u obviously got a talent!!!  <<..>>


Egypt   "...hey i'm egyptian and i'm Saing thnx for the Song itS great "  (note about this fan: she is referring to the song I wrote called 'Let Your Voice Be Heard... together' & how it meant something to her during the Egyptian Revolution.  Nick)


Ontario, Canada   “... your music sounds rockin'!  u ever play in vancouver??”


Melbourne, Australia   “lovin the music :-) hope ur coming ova 2 aus soon...ur all damn fine  xoxoxox”


California, United States   “you know I don’t normally say this…. but you all are REALLY sexy!!    :) <3”


California, United States   “…was pretty damn impressed by the unique sound and catchy choruses you guys produce! I was in another world until you guys stopped playing..:) Much love”


Helsinki, Finland   “It would be nice if you come and play at finland ;)) is it that possible? LOL :) I love your songs soooo much and your voice!!”


Hull, UK   “love the music :) maybe see you when you come to the UK!xx”


Florida, United States   “You know I loooove your Music!! and You.  Come to Floridaaaaa!”


Perth, Australia   “yeah you guys do good.. haha keep up the good work guys!”


Texas, United States   “all compliments aside, i'm totally stoked!  i checked out 'can't get enough of you' and i really liked it..your voice is so unique....y'all should come to texas and play some shows! i'd definetly go out and support!” 

Pennsylvania, United States   “you guys are goood.:)”


California, United States   “your music is hot and and your lyrics are pretty sweet

major props guys !!!”


Maryland, United States   “Good stuff, btw!! =)”

Istanbul, Turkey   “hi guys i liked your music...what the hell is better then others..i liked so much:)”


Bay of Plenty, New Zealand   “if you pass by tauranga, please come to brewers bar at the mount, that would be friggn' awesome! =D =P”

Manitoba, Canada   “Totally mean it, love your songs.”


Florida, United States   “let me know where ya'll are playin so i can come see u!!”  


Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France   “hey guyz ! I really love your songs !  bye !”


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